Our Team

Our Team - Core Business Development Team

Our CBDT (core business development team) is made up of top tier consultants, experienced security clearance professionals with expertise in the field and technically advanced professionals that are contract based. We keep our CBDT small, yet we are highly effective with incredible deliverable capabilities.

Our Team - Select Contractors and Limited Cooperative Partnerships

Each new contract is uniquely different so we recruit from a highly selective circle of influence that Strategic Pharmaceuticals has built over an extended period of time. Many of these professionals are known by our CBDT intimately and some come highly recommended. By utilizing contractors and cooperative partnerships we reduce our long term financial operations when these resources are not needed and this also gives them the flexibility to grow their expertise through other projects.


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We serve the governmental, private and public sectors providing a wide range of advanced turnkey solutions that are scalable and that are accessible 24/7. Our safe and secure mobile and stationary environments are customized to meet and exceed your needs.