Strategic Pharmaceuticals does not disclose the intimate details of our operations platform or the technologies that we utilize to provide contract fulfillment. The model shown does however give a generalized outline of our operational platform showing the internal elements of various points of contact.

Strategic Pharmaceuticals is a "build to suit" contractor who caters to the individual needs of our Client specifically. We do set a high standard for operational excellence and we apologize that this information is somewhat vague however this is by design. Once we solicit any opportunity our CBDT (core business development team) identifies the resources and personnel we need to fulfill our obligations and then we create a POA (plan of action) of execution. Our work can be done in phases, stages or at a 100% fulfillment 24/7 state of readiness.

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We serve the governmental, private and public sectors providing a wide range of advanced turnkey solutions that are scalable and that are accessible 24/7. Our safe and secure mobile and stationary environments are customized to meet and exceed your needs.