The facilities that Strategic Pharmaceuticals operates are designed to meet multiple needs from our Clients within the Tier 1 and Tier 2 services we provide. A base facility includes, however may not be limited to:
  • Off-grid operational capacity for communications, water and power with back-ups in place to ensure we do not go off-line.
  • Supplies that are in-stock under contract, as well as to maintain a 24/7 state of readiness.
  • Secure controlled access with lock-down protective measures.
  • 24/7 Video for the interior and exterior of our facilities.
Other design elements are based on the contractual fulfillment obligations and are an intimate part of our IP (intellectual property) however we can disclose that some advanced features are:
  • EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) protected SUV vehicle on-site.
  • Climate controlled storage.
  • CDC (center for disease control) laboratory with controlled environment.
  • Sound and/or bullet proof interior.

We serve the governmental, private and public sectors providing a wide range of advanced turnkey solutions that are scalable and that are accessible 24/7. Our safe and secure mobile and stationary environments are customized to meet and exceed your needs.