Strategic Pharmaceuticals will gladly provide a copy of our Capability Statement upon request to any Agency, Entity or Party that meets certain criteria. Not all of our "true capabilities" are outlined for public consumption due to the nature of some of the contract work we may have or obtain. Additionally any NAICS codes referenced are subject to change based on the contract fulfillment requirements we seek to meet. Again we would like to disclose that this website and the information made available on it has been generalized intentionally. Strategic Pharmaceuticals will elaborate on our capabilities upon request and/or within a formal business presentation accompanying any RFP(s) we provide a response to.

Strategic Pharmaceuticals will maintain a built-in flexibility as a "hybrid resource provider" capable of both standard and advanced services and/or solutions based on the specific requirements of the Clients we serve.

We serve the governmental, private and public sectors providing a wide range of advanced turnkey solutions that are scalable and that are accessible 24/7. Our safe and secure mobile and stationary environments are customized to meet and exceed your needs.