About Us

Strategic Pharmaceuticals is owned and operated by a Team of experienced Government Contractors with high to top secret clearances that is supported by other Team members who have facility, logistics and management expertise that combined allow us to provide unique customized services to the governmental, private and public sectors. Our extensive knowledge and turnkey capabilities are better expressed in an intimate dialog with new or existing Clients so we will not elaborate fully here however we are confident you will be very impressed with what Strategic Pharmaceuticals can provide.

The name of our business "Strategic Pharmaceuticals" derives from a core function of providing multiple facilities that are strategically located that can store and distribute select medical supplies under contract for a high state of readiness. Our business model does however go far beyond just that function. We created this website to provide information for public consumption as a bridge between an evaluation by "You" and your decision to engage us in a conversation to explore more about what we can offer.

Use our Contact Us page to begin a dialog and we will be more than happy to elaborate on what we can offer to meet and exceed your individual needs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we look forward to your communications.

We serve the governmental, private and public sectors providing a wide range of advanced turnkey solutions that are scalable and that are accessible 24/7. Our safe and secure mobile and stationary environments are customized to meet and exceed your needs.